A guide to planning a wedding

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A wedding is a special day for many people. The bride the groom and of course the families. Every couple wants their wedding day to be perfect because well we only do it once (normally) in our lives. But to make your special day go smoothly without any mess ups, you need to organize it well. You must ensure everything including the decor, clothes, caterers, venue and everything is in place.

Start earlyiphj

If you want to have a beautiful wedding with all the bells and whistles, you need to start planning well in advance. Start at least six months ahead. Sometimes you may have to start even before depending on the size of the function and the availability of the venues. Many popular wedding locations get booked years in advance and if you plan on getting married during a peak season like June you need to start soon.

Set budget

Even though this is your special day and you want to splurge a little, do not forget to set a budget. There is life after your wedding too, so it is wise to set aside an amount. Writing down even aspect and allocating a budget to it will help you keep track of expenses.

The decorations

You must decide on the decorations early too. You may already have something in mind, so speak with the florist or planner and tell them what you have in mind, They will be able to bring your idea to life if you give them enough time to prepare.

Music, photography, and videography

If you want to have a DJ or band playing you should book them early. Most weddings will have a photographer and video filing expert too. Make sure you discuss your requirements with these parties so that there will be no last minute running around or misunderstandings. After all, video and photos are what help you relive the memories of your special day.

rjfeklFood & Drink

Depending on the type of wedding you are having, you will have to order food. For example, Eastern style weddings will require food that matches that culture, but caterers can always have some western food available if you give them the right instructions in advance. Make sure you order more food than the number of guests as it is normally the case that you may have a few extra people showing up.

The Different Styles of Wedding Photography

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Over the years, wedding photography has evolved, and we now have different types of wedding photography. The type of photography at west point photography depends on their taste, preference of a couple. Many professional wedding photographers will give their clients an opportunity to choose the type of photography that they want.

In case the couple in not sure, the wedding photographer can make a decision. Wedding photography is an important part of the ceremony, and this means that it is important for the job to be done by a professional who understands the work of photography.

Types of wedding photography

Journalistic wedding photography

In a journalistic wedding photography, the photos are taken idfsdfsfsdfsn a random way just like journalist take photos. The main aim of this wedding photography is to tell a story on what happened on the wedding day. The wedding photographer is not directed to take pictures of any particular event of the bridal party or the guest.

The photographer will follow the guest and the bridal party and take pictures in a random way even when they are not aware. This will bring out the mystery and tell a story about the wedding day.

Classic wedding photography

This is the traditional way of taking wedding pictures. The couple will mainly dictate how their wedding pictures will be taken. The pictures are pre-thought, and they are no random taking of pictures. The couple and their bridal party will pose for personal and group pictures when alone and also with their guest in the picture.

In classic wedding photography, the couple may come up with a list of instances when they want the photos taken like the ceremony and others. It takes a lot of time to come up with a setting for the pictures to be taken.

Creative/modern photxdsfsfsdfsdfdsography

This type of wedding photography is a bit laid back compared to the classical style but at the same time, it is not adventurous like the journalistic style. The wedding photographer will make it look like a fashion affair by incorporating creative poses and setting into the photography. This is one of the most common photography styles especially for the young and adventurous couples who want to incorporate fashion and creativity into their wedding.

In this type of style, it is difficult to capture the true events and feelings of the wedding. The wedding photographer style dominates the wedding because he/she shows their creativity and sense of style. If you get a good wedding photographer, this is the wedding photography style to choose.