Ponchos and Capes

Choosing The Best Ponchos And Capes

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Women have always had a hard time when shopping for clothes. Sometimes everything looks amazing, and they are spoilt for choices. Things even become worse in the cool weather. It can be difficult to choose style and warmth. It is even more challenging to choose according to body shape style warmth and keeping out the cold.  The best outfits for such combination are the capes and ponchos, but still, how do you pick the best one?

General information

Explore different styles

hghhghgghhghgDo not enter into a shop and choose the first time that you see. Take time and explore the different styles available. You will be amazed to discover new styles that you have not come across before. Ponchos and capes come in many styles; some are simple, some are professional, some are chic. Some of them have colorful patterns some are plain some are knitted and some feature fringe. Some are inspired by heritage made from thick wool with Aztec prints.

The neckline

A neckline will depend on the person’s body shape and a personal desired coverage. Common necklines include crew neck, turtle neck, v neck, scoop neck and cowl necks. Choosing the perfect neckline will enhance your face and upper body. Crew necks enhance the chest and shoulders while turtle necks shorten the neck and face. It is important to keep warm hence turtlenecks are preferred most.

Choose one that fits your body shape

Ponchos and capes come in various sizes. We have those that will work well with petite bodies while others will be good for plus sizes. Petite women should not consider long ponchos or capes. They overwhelm their small figure. They should consider those that fall slightly above the knee. Plus size should consider neutral colors with straight tailoring.

Consider a hood

Ponchos and capes are meant to provide warmth and offer protection from elements. A hooded one would be best with providing extra protection. Consider the shape and size of the hood. It should cover the head properly and align smoothly with the face. It should also fall back in a nice line.

Match it with an outfit

kkkmmmbbvPonchos and capes can be worn with virtually anything in your wardrobe. But that does not mean you pick any that you find. Consider your outfits, their color, and type and choose a poncho or a cape that will perfectly match with them. Consider fitting trousers, skinnies, and leggings for a sharp look.

Ponchos and capes are stylish and comfortable. They are elegant with whatever outfit. With their design, they evidently draw a lot of attention. Shoppers should consider a few guidelines to get a perfect one. Body shape, hood, matchmaking, and neckline are just some of the considerations.